Monday, July 16, 2012

Handmade Christmas stockings

Made last year for our amazing Gus 
Made 8 years ago, improving slowly.
Made 10 years ago when I was just experimenting with Christmas Craft!
If you are having guests for Christmas but have no time to make them a stocking from scratch, buy a stocking you love that you can seamlessly add a name to for a homemade welcome.

San Fransisco cardboard costume for 'Train' concert Video

 that is me.
 getting there
 just beginning

Various Height Cupcake & Desert Stands

Go to a thrift store, buy various height candle sticks and vases and a variety of beautiful plates, Pair the plates with the base you like and epoxy them together. A very cheap and easy way to make a lovely party presentation.

Birthday Cake Rocket launch pad

I built a rocket for a birthday cake out a large clear plastic toy test tube with a red cap. Can you see it?  
Find a cake with a circular pattern in the center, or better yet, make it the way you'd like so your launch pad is a good size for your rocket, and then all you need is the swirly candles you can find at most local grocery stores.