Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wove a giant Nest House- Experimental Film

 Building 'Nest House'
Almost Done

Cardboard Alice in Wonderland - video game commercial

 My Drawings
 Putting it together

Entirely handmade cardboard music video set and Moon-scape miniature

to understand this:
Miniature I made of the moon out of clay, cardboard and hard foam blocks
Set entirely handmade out of cardboard, for full effect, watch music video link above 

Carnival Cut outs for a sweet garden wedding

 Colored cut out scale designs as presented to bride for her to make her choice
A local North Carolina artist realized the bride's chosen design of mine for the wedding and this is me and my husband in it!
 Original sketches

Monday, July 16, 2012

Handmade Christmas stockings

Made last year for our amazing Gus 
Made 8 years ago, improving slowly.
Made 10 years ago when I was just experimenting with Christmas Craft!
If you are having guests for Christmas but have no time to make them a stocking from scratch, buy a stocking you love that you can seamlessly add a name to for a homemade welcome.

San Fransisco cardboard costume for 'Train' concert Video

 that is me.
 getting there
 just beginning

Various Height Cupcake & Desert Stands

Go to a thrift store, buy various height candle sticks and vases and a variety of beautiful plates, Pair the plates with the base you like and epoxy them together. A very cheap and easy way to make a lovely party presentation.

Birthday Cake Rocket launch pad

I built a rocket for a birthday cake out a large clear plastic toy test tube with a red cap. Can you see it?  
Find a cake with a circular pattern in the center, or better yet, make it the way you'd like so your launch pad is a good size for your rocket, and then all you need is the swirly candles you can find at most local grocery stores.